You focus on ministry,
we’ll help you do the rest.

Coleader is a platform built for ministries.

  • We’ve been serving in the church a long time.

    Our team has been serving IN the church for decades (from small church to megachurch), and have experienced the joys and difficulties of ministry. Adults, students, childrens’ ministry: full-time, part-time (ha!) and as volunteers. We’ve done it all! And we’ve felt (and still feel) the burden of creating weekly programs! It’s a grind… that never stops.

  • Every week, every church… feels the grind.

    Weekly gatherings are central to our faith tradition, but we’re essentially each reinventing the wheel every week, month and year in our programming. The quality gap between the haves and the have nots is apparent. Budget helps create and produce excellent resources and experiences. Lack of budget adds more pressure to the grind.

  • Coleader changes the grind.

    Coleader allows you to find ultra-high quality resources, made by the church, for the church. With a click of a button you can access EVERYTHING the contributor who put that program together thought you might need to pull off that program. You can also choose to follow a church, or ministry leader who is creating on Coleader to stay up to date when they release their next resource. And you or your team can become a and share the talents and resources God has entrusted to you.

    We believe Coleader is a tool to show us how we are truly better together.

We are so excited to see how Coleader will serve church leaders for years to come. This will save leaders 500+ hours a year!

Doug Fields and Josh Griffin

Co-founders of Coleader and Download Youth Ministry


The Church

Our vision is to equip all areas of ministry.


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Adult Ministry


Supporting under-resourced ministries and leaders around the world.

Our heart is to serve ministry leaders who are on their own attempting to run a ministry while potentially also balancing a career, a family, a small to non-existent budget and everything else that comes with this ministry experience.

We are hoping to serve this need by simply providing tools for leaders and ministries who are creating content to share it in a way that can be easily found and used by those who need it.


  • There is not one way to do ministry.
  • Jesus is the way, the truth and the life.
  • We are better together.
We come from a diverse faith background, but we unite in following the person and teachings of Jesus. We most closely align with Lausanne Covenant statement of faith.
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