Finally, an alternative to
one-size-fits-all youth ministry curriculum

Finally, an alternative to one-sized-fits-all curriculum

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What is a Roadmap?

A comprehensive plan for your teaching and events that provides unparalleled flexibility, and all the resources to pull it off.

Scope and Sequence

A Roadmap includes a thoughtful explanation for the range of content covered, and the reasoning behind the suggested content.

Consistent experience

You can expect consistent formatting in all series and resources in a Roadmap.

Adapt as you go

Use a suggested series from a Roadmap, or replace that series with another from the growing Coleader library that better fits your changing needs.

Pay only for what you use

No need to purchase an entire Roadmap upfront! Just purchase Coleader credits and then only spend them on the content you need.

Current Roadmap


Coleader Year 1

Coleader’s Year 1 Roadmap has five goals: (1) to help teenagers grow spiritually, (2) provide a teaching plan that parents and church leadership feel confidence in, (3) to enhance Biblical... Read More


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Save hundreds of hours this year

The reality is that a student won't remember as much of your teaching as they'll remember how you or a leader showed up in their life.
Make time for what matters most in your ministry.

So, what does it cost?

It’s up to you! You purchase credits and only spend them on the content you need to use. A Roadmap is simply a list of suggested series and events. Use it to plan your whole year, or to fill in your schedule a month at a time!

Get started for as low as $5 per program (~$250 for a year)

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